Marc Chagall Exhibit in Montreal

Seeing it once was magic, twice was pure bliss…

During my recent trip to Montreal, I was lucky enough to see “Chagall: Colour and Music” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It wasn’t my first time getting to see this fantastic artist’s work on display, that would be four years ago with a friend at the Dallas Museum of Art (where the exhibit was called “Beyond Color”).

This expansive and impressive show featured over 300 pieces of work by Chagall, including artwork and multimedia pieces. His work holds up and seems contemporary. No one has ever painted like him, although many have since tried… a true original. Although mostly known for painting, this show included costume design, set design, ceramics, glass painting, stained glass, printmaking, drawings and many paintings in oil and gouache. I was blown away! He was a genius, and so prolific.

The show ends soon. I am not sure where it goes next, but I would go again, and again. The inspiration is too potent to pass up! This reminds me that it is really important to find and express oneself.

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