In Harmony Herbs—An Oasis

A new car equals a new adventure… So this past Sunday, my partner Michael and I set off to check out his new ride. With our busy schedules we couldn’t go very far, so we headed down the coast to Ocean Beach. “OB” is San Diego’s equivalent to Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Time seems to have stood still in OB in several ways. There’s a feeling of being back in the late 60s, with all the vintage clothing shops, bars and more than a few folks dressed in what’s become Bohemian style, not to mention the fantastic People’s co-op market and gorgeous cottage style adobe homes. The sun feels warmer, the mood more relaxed and the notion of fun feels near.

One of the purposes of driving down the coast was to check out In Harmony Herbs and Spices, which specializes in organic and wild crafted herbs, teas, essential oils, and carries my greeting cards. The tiny shop is owned and run by Jodi Shagg. Jodi moved to OB almost 30 years ago from New York. Her shop is darling and full of treasures for personal care, gift giving and healing. We spent a long while chatting and getting herbal advice from her to help me sleep more soundly and for Michael’s afternoon energy lull.

The shop is tucked away, like a hidden gem… but due to the abundance of customers it’s a well-known place. And given that Jodi’s an herbalist with expert knowledge about her stock, it’s great find for those looking for less traditional ways to heal themselves. Jodi recommended Sundara Indian Cuisine and Craft Beer for our late lunch.

Located on Sunset Cliffs, Sundara is a tiny restaurant with a tiny menu that includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Everything on the menu is a specialty of the chef — they don’t serve anything he hasn’t perfected. The sophisticated flavors and delicate exotic spices, served fresh and presented beautifully, all play into a wonderful experience. The food was amazing even for this choosy foodie. It was the perfect way to end a great day!


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