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While enjoying my coffee, snuggled in bed with all the dogs this morning, I read an interesting article about hand written “thank you” cards. A good time of year to be reminded of the value of such notes.  Especially notes of thanks. My art coach, Alyson Stanfield, agrees and has emphasized the importance of hand written notes, but in our busy lives, we sometimes forget to do it.

If you are short on time and can’t read the full article, here are a few things to keep in mind, according to Samantha Boardman; … a good thank-you note includes the five elements. (1) Thanking the person for the gift, (2) describing what it will be used for and why you are especially grateful for it, (3) making a reference to a recent event in the person’s life, (4) mentioning something positive that is going on in your life, never overusing the pronoun “I”, and (5) thanking the person again for the thoughtful present and telling them that you hoped to see them soon.

Personally, I love getting snail mail. It’s so nice. Just remember, you don’t just have to thank someone for a gift. Thank them for friendship, a lending hand, or a shoulder to cry on… or just for showing up! After all, it’s the little things we remember.

Original article in December 2013.


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