Learning New Book Structures

There are thousands of ways to assemble handmade books. I recently spent the day with more than a dozen artists learning a few new structures. Three in fact. We were so busy that the day quickly passed us by. We hardly had time to finish one book, let alone start two others! I can’t wait to complete the structures I learned and turn some of my art into books. Thank you Viviana Lombrozo and Laurel Moorhead for making this such a fun and special day. It was so generous of you both!

In attendance: Lisa Robé Hartman, Linda Faulkner, Janis Reeser, Deanna Heitschmidt, Barbara Ruys, Terrilynn Quick, Shelley Watkins, Linda Bussell, Yvonne R. Davis, Yvonne Perez-Collins, Nancy Walter, Viviana Lombrozo, Laurel Moorhead

 Note: The 3 books in first image are my completed books!

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