Cut it out!

Generally I will keep a print that I have rejected for “some reason”. I have accumulated a hefty stack of them… “rejects”! If you work with “dry media” as I do (many printmakers use wet or damp paper), you can always go back at any time and re-register your paper and add something to it. That’s one of the MANY things I love about this process. But I also know myself, and chances are I will never do that… at least to some of the images. I am always on to the next thing as my work (hopefully) progresses! So what to do with all these EXTRA prints…

Cut them up!  I decided to work on a book or another series and will use these for part of it. I am just not clear yet, on how that will happen. Stay tuned! (They are pretty to look at now… and that is a good thing!)

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