March, 2014

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  • Pure Play

    Pure Play

    Letting go is the motto of the month. Not just “any” letting go, but specifically letting go of “making mistakes”. It is truly impossible to express oneself through art without the willingness to MAKE MISTAKES!!!! But I caught myself, and on more than one occasion, wanting to lay down a line of ink, or scribble […]
  • Think more Creatively…

    Think more Creatively…

    Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, says “By opening access to the part of your mind that works in a style conducive to creative, intuitive thought, you will learn a fundamental skill of visual arts; how to put down on paper what you see in front of your eyes […]
  • Milton Glaser changed the course of my life, and continues to.

    Milton Glaser changed the course of my life, and continues to.

    The following quote was offered to me by a fellow graphic designer/artist (Janice McDonald) to assist me in cultivating patience when being an “artist” is a struggle for me. “…it is reasonable to imagine that there are many artists living under cover, in a kind of witness protection program, in the realm of design. I’ve […]
  • Lost in the Land of “Letting Go!”

    Lost in the Land of “Letting Go!”

    Mistakes. Making mistakes, the lack of making them and the being okay with making them. Letting go. Seeing what happens. Work in a new medium, and test the boundaries. Being okay with  making something that no one likes, needs to have or wants to buy, it’s all okay. It’s even okay if I don’t like […]
  • Gelli is how I roll!

    Gelli is how I roll!

    Playing with color, new materials and experimenting with friends is the name of the game… Saturday, I needed a boost… to offset the contraction of the opening of my show “Luminous” (which was a blast, but the aftershock is always a bummer). So I headed to San Diego and met up with Kathy and Lydia […]
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