August, 2015

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  • SDBA Group Show Entry

    SDBA Group Show Entry

    I am a member of  the San Diego Book Arts (SDBA). The group is made up of about 150 artists who are involved to varying degrees in book arts. I decided to get involved with this particular group because it’s so active… They host so many wonderful workshops lead by brilliant teachers. Most of the workshops are […]
  • Hoarders? Pack-Rats? Collectors?

    Hoarders? Pack-Rats? Collectors?

    Bringing this up is going to ruffle some feathers. But are all artists “Hoarders?” I’m curious! Last weekend while dropping off some art supplies for a big garage sale/bake sale fundraiser for the San Diego Book Arts I experienced something that peaked my curiosity. Several of my friends were gathered… unpacking bags and boxes filled […]
  • Make Someone Happy!

    Make Someone Happy!

    Making someone happy can be simple. In fact the simpler the better… make the next pot of coffee, bring them toast in bed, pay for lunch or make something from scratch—cookies or art or a cocktail! Do it without expectation. It feels so good. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Oh and if you […]
  • What are Book Arts?

    What are Book Arts?

    As a member of the San Diego Book Arts this is a question I hear often and the answer is quite broad. Most folks think of book arts as hand made book structures, with front and back covers and interior pages, made much like the books we read or journal in. But book arts is […]
  • Our Etsy Shop is OPEN!

    Our Etsy Shop is OPEN!

    It takes a village! And let’s just say, this has certainly been the case when developing my Etsy store. I have wanted a shop of my own since I was knee high to a grasshopper! Every time I would clean out the house and find treasures (of which I have MANY), I’d be chagrined that […]
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