June, 2015

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  • Jesse Reno Rocks

    Jesse Reno Rocks

    Raw, open and expressive are the qualities that both describe the artist and his art. Intuitive painting, using the most basic essential tools which include red, blue, yellow, black and white acrylic paint, four brushes, four pastel sticks and a pencil, oh and Bristol board. It’s what’s inside that matters not the materials. Jesse Reno […]
  • You Are Powerful!

    You Are Powerful!

    If you believe in a Universal Intelligence. If you believe in God. If you believe in possibility. Be reminded of this… anything is possible and you can make it happen! Focus, stay positive and allow yourself to be guided. Then wait for the magic and be ready for the unexpected! You are powerful beyond measure.
  • Discover La Mesa

    Discover La Mesa

    Sun, surf, sand and lots of tacos… who wouldn’t want to call San Diego home? For over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to live in a place where it’s not totally unreasonable to wear shorts and sandals in December (don’t hate me). After growing up in Quebec, Canada and starting my career in New York […]
  • Scanning Artwork

    Scanning Artwork

    Some days you just have to sit down and get it done! A few weeks ago, I spent a good part of Saturday with my new BFF Deanna SCANNING! Yes, scanning. She has this great, super fast scanner. So we decided to put it to the test and scan 568 of my Gelli prints. The […]
  • One Step at a time!

    One Step at a time!

    Progress takes time. Whether you are coming up with new ideas or figuring out what comes next—time for quiet and contemplation are required. Over the last several months, I’ve been busy working on new designs and products. This endeavor has been exhausting and revealing, not to mention FUN! But now it’s time to put my energy in […]
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