August, 2013

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  • My New (Art) Website!

    My New (Art) Website!

    It’s Official!!! This is a huge step for me. Huge. Many have suggested that I should take this step, but I haven’t been ready… until now. So here it is. Living my dream of bringing my own art to the world. A few things to note. Art shown on this site is for The Chopra […]
  • Sneak Peek!

    Sneak Peek!

    It’s great when the muse is active. And so I have been busy honoring the process. Here’s a sneak peek at some new pieces that I am ironing out. Hamsa hands. These “hands of protection” are of special interest to me as they are used in many cultures around the globe, crossing borders and the […]
  • Trying Out and Showing Off

    Come see Nancy’s new printmaking site!
  • Cut it out!

    Cut it out!

    Generally I will keep a print that I have rejected for “some reason”. I have accumulated a hefty stack of them… “rejects”! If you work with “dry media” as I do (many printmakers use wet or damp paper), you can always go back at any time and re-register your paper and add something to it. […]
  • Collage Like Newman

    Collage Like Newman

    Making art and exploring as a group is an important part of my process — since much of my creative time is spent alone in the studio. Even with a lot on my plate, it’s important to grease the creative wheel occassionally. So I headed down to the San Diego Museum of art to attend […]
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