June, 2017

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  • Laissez-faire en Montreal

    Seeing with new eyes. It has been a long time since I called Montreal home. I left in December of 1983 to start a new adventure in New York. I never wanted to leave. I loved Montreal. But due to political pressures, and a refusal to transfer to Toronto with the agency I worked for, I […]
  • Marc Chagall Exhibit in Montreal

    Seeing it once was magic, twice was pure bliss… During my recent trip to Montreal, I was lucky enough to see “Chagall: Colour and Music” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It wasn’t my first time getting to see this fantastic artist’s work on display, that would be four years ago with a friend at […]
  • Art Lounge on 101: Closing!

    This past year Cindy Blumkin and I enjoyed bringing Art Lounge on 101 to the San Diego community. We loved planning with amazing teachers creative outlets for experienced and novice art students, and providing an intimate environment for these art and craft classes. It has been a pure delight! Although the process has been rewarding, we realize our […]
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