September, 2013

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  • Hundreds of mini art pieces!

    Hundreds of mini art pieces!

    What an exciting day! Business cards arrived. Generally, that wouldn’t make one THIS happy. But today, a box of literally hundreds of mini art pieces arrived. It was like opening a big box of candy. Now, I can’t wait to pass them out.
  • Accomplishing just about anything!

    Accomplishing just about anything!

    Every few months I catch myself getting so distracted that I don’t get anything done — it’s being in the “zone”, only it’s the wrong one. This “distracted zone”, is insidious, addictive and numbing. My breathing is shallow and I cannot focus, read or create. I remember the days of getting so much accomplished, which […]
  • Going Manual is a Choice!

    Going Manual is a Choice!

    I took an amazing photography class with an wonderful teacher — Rod Deutschmann. Photography is one of my interests. I integrate it in my work and I love documenting things of interest. I am given to using the manual settings on my SLR, but sometimes frustration takes over and I find myself reverting to the […]
  • Surrender to what is

    Surrender to what is

    The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender. — Eckhard Tolle Sent from a good, good friend… reminding me to surrender!
  • Inspiration… with paint.

    Inspiration can influence one’s work, how one sees, how one thinks and how one feels. Alexa Meade, who was on Ted recently, had that effect on me. Alexa was divinely inspired to paint, and was given a series of steps to land her there instead of in Washington, behind a desk. Often artists are asked… […]
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