December, 2015

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  • Al Rodriguez: Mark Making Tools

    Months ago, I contacted a fellow artist and inquired if he would be willing to give a small workshop on “Mark Making Tools.” He’s always making tools; mostly Book Arts tools, like hand carved bone folders made in bamboo or teflon, or a lovely paper tearing tool. But he also makes Bench Hooks, Hole Punching Cradles and Corner Cutters… […]
  • Everything reveals itself, in due time…

    Everything reveals itself, in due time…

    Patience is the most important thing when dealing with anything “new.” And being patient is especially important when art journaling. I say this because the final image slowly reveals itself… first going one way, then another… sometimes resting with nowhere to go for a while… then finding a new path. For those of you unfamiliar with the […]
  • Destination, Instruction

    Destination, Instruction

    All of us have something to give. A nugget. A kernel. A seed. Some knowledge, talent or ability that we can share with others either in the hope of passing along our passion or igniting their own. For me, my nugget is ART, specifically Printing and Art Journaling. My joy has often been awakened by the teachings […]
  • Kelly Kilmer comes to San Diego

    My favorite new thing… short, one day workshops… especially suited for experienced art journalers. These give participants an opportunity to create while working side-by-side, sharing in a favorite creative art-making activity, inspiring one another and having fun! And that is exactly what we did when Kelly Kilmer came to town for a one day mini-workshop. Kelly is […]
  • Nancy Walter: Now Available Online

    Nancy Walter: Now Available Online

    We’ve gone virtual! 2015 has been a year of immense change and growth here at Nancy Walter Printmaker. And a huge part of that is adding to the ways that we can get our artwork into your hands. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with an AMAZING network of reps that work tirelessly to distribute my […]
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