December, 2014

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  • Facing Fear with Art Journaling

    Facing Fear with Art Journaling

    My goals for the new year always seem to formulate early, so it comes as no surprise that the last few weeks have been filled with thoughts of what needs attention or change in 2015. My goal for this next year is to address the fear that comes with a certain kind of uncertainty. Some […]
  • Helen McGill Lets Go

    Helen McGill Lets Go

    One of the many talented women to take my recent Gelli printing workshop was Helen McGill, San Diego Book Arts member, yoga instructor and mixed media artist. Helen is currently enthused about combining textile and paper, and was able to demonstrate this cool technique at the workshop. The other day, she sent us a note […]
  • Ira Glass: Master storyteller

    Ira Glass: Master storyteller

    I can remember when I heard my first episode of This American Life in 1997. The episode: Food Chain in a New York City Apartment.  I specifically remember the story from it about a woman raising bugs in her New York City apartment. The story was told in a way that was both interesting and disturbing, the […]
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