August, 2014

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  • It’s a Blizzard!

    It’s a Blizzard!

    Fellow SDBA* member Gina Pisello gave a mini workshop on folding. This is the sample I made in her workshop. It’s called a Blizzard fold. It’s quite complicated and even with instructions I am not sure I’ll be able to duplicate it. But it was so fun. And dear, patient Gina is so adept at […]
  • Teaching others to play!

    Teaching others to play!

    High on a hill, overlooking the coastline of north county we gathered to share, learn and play. Since I cannot contain myself, I am now showing others what fun it can be to play, be spontaneous and see what happens. All in the name of Gelli printing. Eight attendees came to my first class… it […]
  • Experiment to keep it fresh

    Experiment to keep it fresh

    According to Pema Chödrön, “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” This speaks to me deeply. Learning new techniques, new processes and new materials keeps my creative engine sharp…  constantly thinking up new things to make or how to adapt. I love “LEARNING“. Pictured […]
  • Sunday Blues

    Sunday Blues

    Friends complain that I am never available, always busy doing or learning something new. This weekend was no exception. I  spend the whole day Sunday learning “Dyeing Silk Shibori Style with Indigo”, in San Diego with Ruth Eileen Dorn. What can I say… I love learning new tricks. I will photograph my scarfs (and t-shirts) […]
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