What is a Cyanotype?

A cyanotype begins with photo emulsion which is brushed on to watercolor paper. The prepared paper and the art image are sandwiched under glass and exposed in natural sunlight. When the exposure is complete, the paper is submerged into water to complete the process. This organic process produces the characteristic blue (cyan) color. This process …

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What is a Monotype?

A monotype is created by painting an image with printmaking ink onto a flexible plate. Once the plate/s are complete, the image/s are transferred to paper by squishing the paper and plate together under the heavy rollers of an etching press. Generally, the paper has several layers of ink applied to it before completion.

What is printmaking?

Printmaking is the process of making hand-made artwork that transfers “ink” from a “plate” to a substrate (generally paper), through some type of press. Monotype printmaking, which is the type of print I create, uses an “etching” press. The ink is applied to a plexiglass plate using rollers, brushes, templates, stencils and stamps, and is …

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Is it an original?

Is it an original, or is it a print? Nancy uses the etching press as an integral part of creating her original artwork. Her medium is monotype. A monotype is hand made on an etching press yet it is called a “print”. In this context, “print” does not mean “copy”. So monotype prints are original …

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What are the Seven Sutras?

The Seven Sutras, draw inspiration from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra. The artwork begins as a multi-step monotype which is digitalized with typography added. The piece is then either mounted on cradle board or beautifully framed as an art print.

How do you print on wood?

The process of printing on wood starts from an original monotype printed on Nancy’s etching press. The images and typography are combined digitally, printed onto hand-selected Baltic Birch, die cut to demanding specifications and hand sanded and finished locally.

What is a Hand-Embellished Giclée?

Generally, the hand-embellished Giclées* in this series are digitally enhanced original images** which I hand draw on spontaneously after the prints are made. Each drawing is unique. In some cases I add foil to the Giclées. *The Giclée process is commonly used for high quality fine art “prints” combining archival pigment inks and excellent cotton …

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What is a Giclée?

The Giclée process is commonly used for high quality fine art “prints”, combining archival pigment inks and excellent cotton paper. Some Giclées in this series are printed on canvas and wood as well as paper. The highest quality printing and materials are used in this process and great care is taken to ensure the color …

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