June, 2014

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  • In Stores Soon!

    See the video! I am so excited to announce that starting July 1, 2014 we will have 36 greeting cards and 12 bookmarks available for purchase and for sale (wholesale vendors).  Details to come. Stay tuned. You can also see all the card images.
  • It must be a sign!

    It must be a sign!

    How many times have I uttered those words! It’s the way I view the world… everything is a sign… even when it isn’t! HA! But this will be a sign… I have just started putting together a bunch of images and as soon as I return from New Orleans I am going to start this […]
  • Gelli Madness

    Gelli Madness

    Madness… yes, madness. What else could it be? From the time I get up in the morning, until I go to bed at night! All I want to do is make Gelli prints… it’s a phase, right? I haven’t had this much fun in years. It’s frustrating too, don’t get me wrong because I end […]
  • No Excuses

    No Excuses

    Rather than fret about why I haven’t posted in ages… let me just say this… I have a new addiction that is consuming me. GELLI PRINTING. I am LOVING the process. Whenever I have a free moment… I get into the studio and start printing. It is meditative¬† and allows me to simply “play”. I […]
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