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Seeking opportunities that will provide you with a creative boost and further your skills? I’ve designed different classes using practices that promote mindfulness through creative expression, such as Art Journaling, Gelli Printing, Book Arts, and Mixed Media. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced artist or looking to create for the first time, there’s a class that will meet you where you are. I’m here to facilitate you as you take this beautiful journey. — Nancy Walter

  • Twinkle toes inspired by bjonesstyle my new mules arrived today
  • You know youre in california when dinner is picked up
  • love heartrock beachwalk lazy morning in socal with Birthday girl
  • Honestly shes ridiculous ridiculously cute! Just the thought of being
  • Counting my blessings  the lovely little Lena curled up
  • Not sure how I ended up here livingthegoodlife in encinitas
  • Big changes happening Big transformation Big ideas about to go
  • washedashore or left? encinitas and morningwalk at the beach
  • stonestepsbeach encinitas on mymorningwalk with Barbara encinitasartists yakking and laughing
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