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Greeting Cards

We all like to share what’s important to us with who’s important to us. Spirituality and its varied messages, are the focal point of my greeting cards. Different techniques and spiritual doctrines are drawn upon for each design.



These bookmarks are influenced by our innate desire to experience positive energy from the universe and those around us. Each bookmark is meant to be a personal reminder of ideas that you hold dear.

Ready-to-Hang Panels

These little art pieces are the perfect size to hang anywhere at home or work. They're great for personal use or as a gift for someone special. Each panel comes pre-hung with a leather cord.

Chakra Ladders

Chakra Ladders display the seven different energy sources that align the mind, body and spirit. They're the perfect addition to any yogi's retreat or as a present for a friend. Each panel comes pre-hung with a leather cord.


Birch Panels

These panels spread messages of comfort and solidarity with a spiritual influence. Each collection incorporates different design and spiritual elements meant to enhance your daily life.

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